Within the Primary School at MAHSA International School we strive to provide a safe, friendly, supportive and caring environment to maximize our students’ learning potential. Through our truly international make-up we offer a unique learning experience in the very heart of Malaysia. We believe in each student as an individual and aim to meet their needs and develop the whole person, socially as well as educationally. Our small class sizes allows a greater focus on each individual by the class teacher and learning support assistants.

(7 to 11 years of age)

Key Stage 2 builds on the strong foundations laid in Key Stage 1 preparing the students for the next stage of their education. The subject content and approach to teaching guarantees continuity of learning and a smooth transition from Key Stage 1.

Throughout Key Stage 2, students continue to be given experience in, and the opportunity to learn and make progress in, linguistic, mathematical, scientific, human, social, physical, aesthetic and creative education. Subjects are brought to life through project work, assembly presentations and exhibitions focusing on science, mathematics and other areas of the curriculum.

Besides the core subjects (English First Language or English Second Language), Mathematics and Science) children in KS1 and KS2 also study the subjects below:

  • ICT
  • Humanities (History and Geography)
  • Mandarin, French, Malay
  • Islamic Studies
  • Art & Design
  • Music
  • Physical education including swimming
  • Dance and Movement
  • French
  • Library
  • PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education)

The Upper Primary Curriculum

At MISKL, our approach is established deeply and firmly in the best of the British and International education systems, providing a modern, relevant and appealing education in English for both expatriate and local students in Malaysia. Our students follow the English National Curriculum as a framework, with subjects and content enhanced and differentiated to meet our international needs. In addition to the English National Curriculum we have integrated the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) that provides our students with subject goals, personal learning goals, and uniquely, international learning goals, that are clearly defined for each age throughout the children’s primary schooling.

IPC Subject goals cover the knowledge, skills and understanding of children relating to the subjects they are learning. There are subject learning goals for Language, Mathematics, Science, ICT & Computing, Technology, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education, Health and Well-being, Art and Society.

IPC Personal goals underpin the individual qualities and dispositions we believe children will find essential in the 21st century. There are 8 IPC Personal Goals - enquiry, resilience, morality, communication, thoughtfulness, cooperation, respect and adaptability. Opportunities to experience and practice these are built into the learning tasks within each unit of work.

IPC International learning goals are unique to our curriculum and help young children begin the move towards an increasingly sophisticated national, international and intercultural perspective. Each thematic IPC unit includes an international aspect, to help develop a sense of ‘international mindedness’. Through this sense we aim to develop globally competent learners who are curious about the world and the different perspectives within it.

The English National Curriculum is organized into blocks of years called “Key Stages”. At the end of each Key Stage, we formally assess your child’s performance. You will find more information about each Key Stage below and the subject areas taught. This ensures a learning programme that is academically rigorous, but is also exciting, active and meaningful for children. It encourages personal learning - cooperation, communication, resilience, thoughtfulness and respect - and promotes international mindedness – a respect and understanding of other perspectives, cultures and languages.

Being an international school with students arriving from all over the world, non-native students may need extra language support and may be advised to take part in our English as a Second Language Enrichment Programme to boost their English language development, supporting them in gaining full access to the curriculum. Our ESL programme operates across all Key Stages and at different levels to cater for a student's individual needs and requirements.




Age Class Section School Level
7 - 8 years Year 3 Key Stage 2 Primary
8 - 9 years Year 4 Key Stage 2 Primary
9 - 10 years Year 5 Key Stage 2 Primary
10 - 11 years Year 6 Key Stage 2 Primary


Application Fee (non-refundable)

(To be paid when submitting the completed application form)
Year 3 – Year 6 Primary MYR 1,000.00

Registration Fee (non-refundable)

(To be paid on acceptance of a place at MAHSA International School)
Year 3 – Year 6 Primary MYR 3,500.00

Deposit (refundable – no interest)

Tuition Fees

* The deposit must be paid when paying the first term’s fees (or annual fees).

The deposit amount is set at the equivalent of one term’s fees for the year of entry of the student. Please see, “Tuition fees” section.

Tuition fees must be paid in advance and can be settled as an annual payment or paid term - by - term (three terms per academic year).

The fees should be paid on or before the first day of term.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees must be paid in advance and can be settled as an annual payment or paid term- by-term (three terms per academic year). The fees should be paid on or before the first day of term.

Age Tuition Fee
Per Term
Technology Fee
Laboratory Fee
Excursions & Misc Fee
Year 3 7 – 8 years 7,000 1,200 Nil
Year 4 8 – 9 years 8,000 1,200 Nil
Year 5 9 – 10 years 8,500 1,200 Nil
Year 6 10 – 11 years 9,000 1,200 Nil


Upper Primary Monday – Thursday
7:50 AM – 3:45 PM
7:50 AM – 12:30 PM
Extra-curricular activities run from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM